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Two pamphlets published by Self-Realization Fellowship are especially instructive.
“Undreamed of Possibilities” serves as an introduction to Self-Realization Fellowship,
outlining the tremendous spiritual treasures within each of us. “Worldwide Prayer Circle”
focuses the prayers of SRF devotees around the world to enhance peace and overcome
negativity. Both booklets are free of charge and available at the chapel.

Also available free of charge at the chapel is the trifold “Group Meditation Guidelines.” It
gives the procedures and tips for meditating in a group.


In addition our group has a library located in the Sunday School building where you can
check out SRF books, CDs, and DVDs for 2 weeks. You may also wish to visit the
Houston Center bookstore located in the foyer of the chapel to explore SRF books,
magazines, CDs, and DVDs for purchase. Please visit
for a complete listing of publications and other material offered by Self-Realization Fellowship.