Recipe: Dal and Spinach Pakoda

Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free


  1. One cup Chana dal
  2. One cup Chopped and washed spinach
  3. Two green chillies washed and cut
  4. One tea spoon salt (you can put more or less )
  5. One tea spoon cumin seeds, and red pepper if you like spicy.
  6. Besan as needed
  7. Oil to fry pakodas


Soak chana dal for four to six hours.
Grind together soaked dal, spinach, chilli, salt and cumin seeds. Add water if needed for grinding.
If the batter is too liquified then add besan flour so that you can pour pakoda with spoon.
Heat oil and add two table spoons of hot oil in batter and then fry pakodas in medium hot oil. Pour pakoda in hot oil by spoon. Take them out and put them on paper towel to soak excess oil.


They taste good with ketchup or sweet and sour turmerind sauce. See the recipe for sauce.
You can eat them with bread and make a meal out of it.