New Monastic Counselor

Dear Members and Friends,

Mother Center has recently informed us Brahmachari Andy will be the new monastic counselor serving with our Houston Center. Br. Andy has been serving in Center Department for several years and works with many SRF groups and centers in the U.S.  Following is a note from Br. Jason’s email to the managing team highlighting this change:

“It has been a joy and pleasure serving with all of you!  The Houston Center deserves nothing but praise and gratitude for the wonderful spirit with which you carry on together, with Master’s ideals ever to the fore. Thank you for your friendship and kindness towards me.  I’m not going anywhere but just assuming responsibility for other meditation groups; sometimes we move groups from one monastic to another here in Center Department. Again, thank you so much for everything and keep up the good work!  Jai Guru!”


New Monastic Counselor — 1 Comment

  1. Welcome Bro. Andy ! Your new assignment to Houston is received with great joy. May God and Guru be with you as you work with us in the vineyard of the master.
    To the creators of this very useful and beautiful website, I salute you! The enhanced features are especially made for me. Thank you very much.
    I hope to get active again in the center pretty soon. Until then, may the blessing of the Guru rest upon you

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