Dear Members and Friends,

As you may already be aware, last Friday January 31,  we noticed that the steel connector hose on hot water underneath the flower room sink of our Chapel had burst, and this caused at least two inches of water to flood in the foyer, Book room, and toilets. Our Chairperson of the Maintenance Committee - Corey has been working with the Gorman Escobar crew (approved and authorized by Mother Center) on rennovations and the continued drying process at the Chapel.

If you are planning to attend the meditation services this Sunday, please note that we may be able to use the foyer and toilets. However, due to the ongoing renovations, currently the floor in the book room and foyer has been taken out and we would appreciate, if you could please watch you step as you enter and exit the chapel. There will be samples of tile and laminate for us to vote this Sunday for the Foyer floor

In case we need to use the side entrance (fire exit next to the harmonium), the Ushers will guide us accordingly. Also, the Book room is now temporarily located in the Sunday School building in the multipurpose room.

If you have any questions, please contact the Managing Team at