Dear Members and Friends,

Center Department of Self-Realization Fellowship has appointed Corey Molino-Minck, Rebecca Mata-Bowers, and Danny Wilson to the Managing Team of the Houston Center. Please join us in welcoming and supporting them as they transition into the team during the next few weeks.

Corey will be replacing Sudha in November while Rebecca will replace Chetan in December.  They will join Carlos Silva, who will remain on the team until a full transition is completed early next year. Chetan and Sudha will help during this transition period. We are very thankful for their dedicated service to our Guruji's work in Houston during the past few years.

The following is an extract from a letter sent by Center Department outlining the structure and purpose of the 3 member Managing Team:

 "Each team member will have equal responsibility and equal authority, and all decisions will be made as a team. They will decide between one another the specific duties they take on. Working closely with Center Department, these devotees will strive to delegate many areas of responsibility at the group to other individuals. By distributing the load more evenly amongst the membership, the Managing Team would ideally be less burdened and available to coordinate the overall operations of the group whilst also maintaining a balanced inner and outer life. The Managing Team will ideally welcome input, feedback and participation from all devotees, striving to create (with Center Department’s regular guidance) a spiritually uplifting, happy, and warm environment at the Center."

Thank you

Managing Team