Week of October 16  - October 22, 2017

“I have given everything to God.  There is nothing else that I can give anymore.  And I have already realized that the only purpose of life is to know God.  Many people may doubt that finding God is the purpose of life; but everyone can accept the idea that the purpose of life is to find happiness.  I say that God is Happiness.  He is Bliss.  He is Love.  He is Joy that will never go away from your soul."

Paramahansa Yogananda


This Week's Services:

Please join us this Sunday, October 22 for a special Satsanga led by SRF monastics.  The service is from 11 am to 12 noon. Sunday School for children ages 3-12 is also held from 11 am to 12 noon.  Parents with younger children may enjoy the service from the infant room located in the Sunday School building.  The Reading Service is preceded by a meditation service from 10 to 10:45 am, and by group practice of the Self-Realization Fellowship Energization Exercises at 9:40am The Center is open to the public for services and special activities.


Weekly Affirmation:

Teach me to behold Thy vastness, Thy changelessness behind all things, that I may perceive myself as a part of Thy changeless Being.

                                                                                        (Metaphysical Meditations)




• The agenda for this week’s Monastic visit with Br. Andy and Bro. Devananda has been finalized and can be viewed by clicking on this link. There is a group outing this Friday, October 20 with the monastics. If you are interested in attending and haven’t yet filled out the sign-up sheet, please email us at srfhouston@gmail.com at your earliest. If you have any questions about the outing, you may contact Marla.


• This Sunday, October 22 we will have a Satsanga led by Monastics at 11:00 am. If you would like to submit a question you may email it to srfhouston@gmail.com or leave it in the drop-box in the foyer.


• Our next Day of Service and Fellowship will be held on Saturday, November 4 starting at 8:30 am. We dedicate only one day a month to the care and upkeep of Master’s sanctuary in Houston so that it remains a magnet for those seeking to meditate together or to learn of Self-Realization Fellowship for the first time. If you are planning to attend, please let Sudha know as this will help us to organize head count for lunch on the Day of Service. You can also RSVP by filling out the sign-up sheet located in the foyer.

• We will be having a group photograph taken in the Chapel lawns right after the service this Sunday, October 22. We therefore request all members and friends to please stay back for the group photo with Brother Devananda and Brahmachari Andy.

• Houston Center is pleased to announce that Mr. Robert Arnett, author of India Unveiled, will be giving a presentation entitled “Master’s India” in the chapel on Saturday, November 11 starting at 6:30pm.   A light reception in the Sunday School will follow.   We invite all friends and devotees to come and enjoy this very special evening. 

• Please join us this Sunday after the services for a potluck lunch social with the Monastics in the Sunday School building. If you would like to contribute with a dish, please let Carol know by emailing her at carol.curro@sbcglobal.net