Dear Members and Friends,

With the historic flooding occurring in Houston and SE Texas we wanted to reach out to all of our devotees and friends and find out if everyone is OK.  If you, or a devotee you know, needs assistance, please let us know by contacting a member of the managing team or by emailing us at srfhouston@gmail.com.

Of course, we encourage you to contact 911 and/or your local officials if you are in dire need and please exercise calm and caution in these treacherous conditions.

 We would also like to let you know that  Mother Center has been concerned and has inquired about all devotees, members and friends in Houston.   All of us affected by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding have been on the World-Wide Prayer Circle.  We continue to give Mother Center an update of the situation and together we are praying that God and Gurus help us during these difficult moments.

In times like these we remember what our beloved Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda said about the power of affirmation as told in his book Scientific Healing Affirmations:

"In all affirmations intensity of attention comes first, but continuity and repetition mean a great deal, too. Impregnate your affirmations with devotion, will, and faith, intensely and repeatedly, unmindful of the results, which will come naturally as the fruit of your labors."

We will all continue to pray, recite affirmations, and meditate deeply that we may overcome these trying times.


In Divine Friendship,

- Managing Team