Dear Members and Friends,

Houston Center is proud to announce that the mortgage on our Chapel building and grounds at 3425 Golf Drive has been paid in full!

We give endless thanks to God and Gurus and to all of you for allowing this to happen.

This momentous occasion would not have been possible had it not been for all of the countless dedicated and generous devotees and friends who contributed so much in both toil and treasure over the years to make this goal a reality! 

We give thanks to all those who helped find the property over 10 years ago and to all of you who worked so tirelessly during the renovation and remodeling of the property.   Thank you to those who sacrificed and gave donations and contributions over the years to make this come to fruition.   We also thank all of you who continuously care for the upkeep and beautification of Master's sanctuary on a weekly basis.

We are now blessed to have a ''hive'' we can call our own.  Let us continue to meditate and pray to God and Gurus that the ''honey'' of self-realization may come to all of us and those drawn to the path of Self-Realization Fellowship in Houston.


With deep gratitude.

Jai Guru!

Managing Team