Dear Members and Friends,

Please note that our General Membership meeting previously scheduled for this Sunday, March 15 has now been cancelled.


During our 2015 Annual Budget meeting, which was held on Sunday, January 25, the voting members in attendance had unanimously voted in favor of paying off the mortgage payments early and in possibly having a fund raiser for this as well. One major benefit of paying mortgage early is that our Center incurs less interest expense. Mother Center has already approved the Pledge Drive along with one payment of $5000 to be made towards the mortgage so far. In addition, Mother Center has also approved our India Night fund raising event which is being held on Saturday, April 11 with Brother Pranavananda & Br. Klaus at our Chapel. Our Houston Center Managing Team is working closely with Mother Center in obtaining the required approvals at each stage.


If you have any questions, please email us at srfhouston@gmail.com


Thank you.

- Managing Team