Dear Members and Friends,

We are glad to announce that the producers of the movie AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda have arranged a week long screening in Houston from Friday, November 14 to Thursday, November 20 at the Sundance Cinema in Downtown.

Although the show times are not yet listed, it is expected that they will be posted at least 1 week before the 14th. Please check the below link periodically for more updates as they become available -  http://www.awaketheyoganandamovie.com/screenings/houston/

If you would like to assist our Houston Center AWAKE Outreach committee with the publicity of the movie, please contact Carlos Silva at domitilo.silva@gmail.com to obtain a copy of the digital flyer. The flyer can be distributed via social media, email, etc and we would appreciate if you could spread the word around.

Also there will be printed flyers which will be shipped to our Outreach committee shortly and made available in the chapel for distribution.


- Managing Team