Dear Members and Friends,

Below is a message from Mother Center.


Dear Friends,
Greetings and best wishes from Mother Center!  We hope you are well.
In Center Department we regularly discuss how we can best serve Gurudeva‚Äôs devotees and groups worldwide. We receive feedback from members constantly and seek to identify common issues that arise, and ways that we might help things to run just a little more smoothly for all of you.  As part of this effort, Center Department has created two new documents (please click on below link):

    The Managing Council Guidelines (for Centers and Groups only) and,
    The Corresponding Secretary Guidelines (for Circles only)

These new guidelines describe both collective duties as well as individual responsibilities of the Council or Corresponding Secretary positions, as ideally envisioned by Center Department.  They discuss some of the principles of serving together harmoniously and how to successfully interact with the membership as a whole.
While this guidance is directed towards Council members or Corresponding Secretaries, these are comprehensive documents that we hope will be of service to all the devotees in your group.  We feel it is important for all group or circle members to have a better understanding of the roles described, the channels of communication and above all the ideal spirit of service that is emphasized throughout these guidelines.
With this in mind, we ask that you please forward this e-mail and the attached guidelines to all devotees on your mailing list.  We also recommend that you print out a hard copy of the guidelines and make them available at your chapel for anyone to read.
We understand that some of the duties and ideals we present may not necessarily coincide with ways that you have been accustomed to operating and we are willing to listen and adjust to your needs as is appropriate.  This is especially the case with smaller circles meeting in private homes.
We welcome any questions, thoughts or feedback you may have.
As always, we express our deepest respect and gratitude for all that you continue to do in serving our Beloved Master and his sacred work around the world.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Jai Guru!
In divine friendship,
Center Dept. -