Dear Members and Friends,

Based on the recent success of the Saturday open meditations, the Managing Team has received several requests for our Thursday evening meditations to be open (as many members are not able to get to the chapel in time after work, some preferred longer quieter meditations, etc.). We have discussed this proposal with our Readers committee and with Mother Center, and would like to have a General Membership Meeting on Sunday, July 13 in the Chapel immediately following the services to discuss and vote on the proposed change in the format of our Thursday evening meditations. 

Currently our Thursday meditations are held from 7:30pm - 9:30pm (except on the first Thursday of every month, they are from 7:00pm - 10:00pm) and they typically consist of periods of chanting, reading and meditation. Our proposed suggestion for the trial period is to make it totally open. The person responsible for opening can play a CD or cassette till meditation starts and then dim lights.  And the person responsible for closing can turn off the CD/Cassette player and lights. This way we eliminate the need for service readers on Thursdays and anyone can open/close.

Our Thursday meditation currently also consists of the Healing Affirmation, and with the proposed change, we were wondering if perhaps we could instead have a prayer service once a month (e.g., first Sunday of each month) after our Sunday service.

We encourage all active members to attend this meeting and provide their vote on this proposed format. If a majority vote is received, and once we have tried this new process for a quarter (i.e., July - Sep 2014), we will gather the feedback and present it to everyone.    

If you have any questions, please contact the managing team by emailing us at

Thank you.

Managing Team
Houston Center