Dear Members and Friends,

As previously announced in March, we started a fundraising drive with a goal to raise $4500 for upgrading our Audio Visual cabling at the Chapel. It was decided that this was the right time to upgrade our cables to keep in line with the upgrades in technology and potentially integrate a control system to control Audio, Video and Lighting.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed so far towards the fundraising drive for upgrading the Audio-Visual cabling in our Chapel. As of June 6th, we are currently at a total of $3,542.

We would like to now introduce the second phase of this fundraising drive by combining the Audio equipment along with the current goal of cabling upgrades. This would total to approximately $8000 and would include the following additional activities -

> Add Control Panel
> Add Control Cabling
> Add Control System

> Replace Amps
> Replace Connectors
> Replace Interconnect Cabling

Our goal for this second phase is to try and raise the $8000 (i.e., remaining $4500) by August 31st. We have a basket and envelopes placed on the brown podium in the foyer, where devotees can deposit cash or checks with the description on the envelope indicating it for Audio-Visual (AV) equipment. In addition, you can also make your donation online through our website at When making the donation, please indicate that it is for Audio-Visual equipment.

We try to keep our goal thermometer up to date so you can know the current status of the fundraising drive.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this fundraising drive, please contact any member of the managing team by emailing us at

Thank you.

Managing Team
Houston Center