Dear Members and Friends,

Luz Herrador has elected to resign from the Managing Team because of personal reasons. Therefore, the Center Department of Self-Realization Fellowship has appointed S. Frank Nadembega to the Managing Team of the Houston Center.

Please join us in welcoming Frank and supporting him as he transitions into the Managing team during the next few weeks. Luz Herrador will continue to serve and support the Houston Center in other roles. We are thankful for her dedicated service to our Guru's work in Houston during the past few months.

The following is a quote by Sri Daya Mata, that is taken from the 2014 Managing Council Guidelines issued by the Center Department :

“When working with people on any committee, it must be done on a foundation of love. That has to be the foundation of all of our relationships, and it simply means that out of our love for God and Guru, and out of our faith in these teachings, we treat each other with the deepest respect. Love for one another manifests as respect.”

— Sri Daya Mata

Thank you